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septic clogged pipes

Premier Septic Tank Services

Call Us For Any of These Septic Tank Problems:

· Clogged drain repair

· Drain cleaning

· Sewer system backups 

· Sewer line repair and replacement 

· Septic pump replacement 

· Septic tank inspections 

· Septic tank cleaning 

Premier Septic Tank Services and Repairs

Septic Tank Installation

We can give you a quote for a new Septic Tank Installation at your property. We would love to provide you with quality septic tank services.

Septic Tank Pumping

We pump your septic tank and then make sure it is in good working order! We offer fast service and quality work.

Septic Tank Inspection

We check out your system and give you a certification that it is in good shape!

We are Licensed and Insured for septic work.

Septic Tank Pump

Septic Tank Cleaning

If your septic system or sewage lines seem to be moving slowly, you may need them to be cleaned. Call us and let’s talk about the issues you are having. We will get this problem fixed quickly!

Septic drain

Sewer Line Repair

Call us if you have a problem with your sewer line or need it replaced. If you aren’t sure what could be wrong, call us and let’s discuss it. We can then be prepared for the repairs when we arrive.

septic clogged pipes

Clogged Drain Repair

If your septic system is not working properly, there may be a blockage in the line. Call us for an inspection and we can check to see where the block is, or if that is the issue. 

J Septic Tank Services Provides Reliable Work!

Premier Septic Tank Services

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  • We are a family-owned and operated business
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  • We never charge any after-hours fees
  • We give free estimates
  • 10% off for veterans and senior citizens!
  • Licensed and Insured (Lisc. # 04-368-04193)

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Premier Septic Tank Services:

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Common Questions About Septic Tank Services

Septic Tank Pumping and Septic Tank Repair Questions

Many homeowners don’t fully understand how their septic system works, and we understand. Most people don’t want to think about septic tanks and sewage problems, and just need it to work!

Here are some of the most common questions we receive from local homeowners about septic maintenance and repair:

How Often Should I Get My Septic Tank Pumped?

We recommend pumping your tank every 2-3 years. In fact, many lake communities require pumping every 3 years. A septic system is a mini sewage treatment system for your house. Any waste filtered from the water must be pumped out of the tank. The main reason is that the sludge in your septic tank never dissolves entirely and builds up over time. Regular pumping of your tank cleans out that muck, keeping it from contaminating your drain field–and the groundwater. 

How long does it take to get your septic tank pumped?

It typically takes a couple of hours. We always check it and make sure it is working correctly when we pump it. If it is buried, we take our time to smooth the dirt out and save the grass, if possible.

Will my septic tank ever need to be repaired?

Most repairs are minor. For common repairs, we can typically have the project finished on the same day or within about 1 week of your initial phone call. If you have a deadline (like a house closing), we will do our best to meet it.

I am selling my house and I need a septic tank inspection. Can you do that? 

Yes, septic tank inspections can be done quickly. We will also provide the paperwork that you need to help you close on your home sale.