J and J Septic Services

J & J Septic Services

A Septic Tank is a Reliable Alternative for Waste. A septic tank is a common wastewater collection alternative to sewer lines. Septic Tanks are the best way for wastewater collection if you live far away from local water lines where a connection is not possible. Almost any home can be equipped with a septic tank. If you want to own a house in the country, have acreage that needs to be developed into a homestead.

How A Septic Tank Works:

A septic tank is used to treat the black water, sewage, or wastewater coming from the house. The inlet pipe collects all of the waste into the tank, and over time the liquid and solid waste will separate inside of the tank. At the same time the outlet pipe (sometimes called the drain field), will push any cleaned water that goes through this process into a perforated pipe where the water seeps out evenly into the soil surrounding the pipe.

Wastewater inside of the septic tank will eventually separate into three layers. The first, called scum, is oils and grease that floats at the top. The middle is the wastewater and wastewater particles. The bottom is sludge, which consists of any waste particles heavier than water. The bacteria from the wastewater collects inside the tank, which then decomposes any solid waste in the wastewater. Once the bacteria break down the solids the remaining liquids are separated to be sent to the distribution system.

Advantages of Using a Septic Tank. Listed below are just some of the benefits a septic tank provides:

1. No Monthly Water Bill to worry about.

2. A Low-Maintenance Sewage System. You will not need to personally do much to maintain the septic tank. Any inspection or maintenance should always be done by a professional. Thankfully, this routine maintenance doesn’t need to happen very often. It is usually recommended to pump the tank every 5 years.

3. Longevity: Most septic tanks can last up to 40 years!

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