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Are you ready to experience top-notch septic care like never before? We’re thrilled to announce an incredible bonus that will leave your septic system thanking you!

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Areas of South Carolina that we serve with Septic Services:

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Iva, SC

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Anderson, South Carolina, United States

Septic Tank Repair Services

If you have an issue with your septic tank and it needs to be repaired, just call us! Our team can be there quickly and we provide honest advice and quality work. 

Septic Tank Pump

Lift Pump Replacement

 Lift pumps are normally used to push sewage up hill from a whole home, basement bathroom, or external structure to a septic tank, aerobic treatment system, or gravity sewer main. 

We can replace the lift pump if it is no longer in working condition.

Septic Tank Options

There are several different types of septic tanks and the type you need will depend on where you live, and the lay of the land. Call us for advice! We can help you choose the right type of septic tank.

Reliable Septic Services

Do You Need Your Septic Tank Pumped?

If your home plumbing system shows any of these signs, it's time for septic tank services...

1. Slow Moving Drains

If your sinks, tubs, and toilets drain slowly, your septic tank may have a clog or blockage, and your tank needs to be pumped. This can be caused by flushing unsafe material or possibly tree roots obstructing the sewage lines. 

2. Gurgling Noises when You Flush the Toilet

When you flush the toilet or run the water, do your pipes make a strange gurgling sound? This can be an indication that your septic tank is full and will need pumping or has other problems. 

3. Standing Water or Very Green Grass over the Tank in the Yard

If you see some standing water or overly-green grass around your septic tank, it may be evidence of a leak. This extra “fertilizer” can lead to big problems in your septic tank.

4. Fluid Backups in the Drains

Sewage backups are one of the worst symptoms of a failing septic system. If you aren’t regularly pumping and maintaining your septic tank, you may get raw sewage that backs up in your home!

5. A Terrible Odor

This is an unmistakable sign of needed septic maintenance. As your septic tank fills up, these odor-causing gasses can be smelt inside the home. It has nowhere else to go if it is not pumped out! You would need to call us immediately for septic tank pumping service.

A septic system is like a mini sewage treatment system for your home. Maintaining it is essential.